VAIO Duo 11 – Ubuntu Linux (12.10)


Just got the VAIO Duo 11, and so far I am impressed. Great device, EXCELLENT touch screen.

I wanted to dual boot Ubuntu (which I’ll be using Unity instead of LXDE) for actually getting stuff done.


1) Boot into Windows 8, and reboot into Recovery Mode.
2) When the Windows 8 bootloader appears, click Troubleshoot, then click Advanced Options. Then click “Reboot into UEFI Firmware”.
3) Insert your Ubuntu 12.10 that is on your USB, then either click the boot from USB option or hit F11 on the keyboard.
4) This will install Ubuntu like normal.


Everything seems to work out of the box with 12.10 – WiFi/Graphics/Touchscreen (only after install, didnt work for me on the “Live CD”.

17 thoughts on “VAIO Duo 11 – Ubuntu Linux (12.10)

  1. Finally, someone is using Ubuntu on Vaio Duo 11. I’m just deciding to buy it, but I didn’t find any infos about Linux compatibility. Anyway, John, does the Duo touchscreen works with the pen too? Is the pen pressure sensitivity recognized? Thank you in advance (and sorry for my bad English, I’m from Italy…).

    • Hi Cookie.

      The touch screen seems to buggy for hid-multitouch for now. I’ve been trying to get this to work and will make a post soon to report my progress.

  2. Hey,

    I’m looking for a new laptop and I wanted to get an ultrabook/convertible linux system.

    Could you tell me the touchscreen brand? and did you get multitouch working?

  3. I followed the steps but is not working the boot part, I installed ubuntu 12.10 into SONY Ultrabook SVD112A1YU, the installation it’s ok, but when I restart it only boot Windows 8 directly, without boot options.

    I can see I just need to install grub but I don’t know how, can you help with this issue?

    Thank you in advance!

  4. the pen josh, the pen.. does it work or not?? a simple yay or nay please.. since i’m considering getting this myself but if it doesn’t see the pen under ubuntu i need to look on.. thanks..

    currently on my faithful x61t, ubuntu 12.10

  5. Hey, did you have any issues with uefi and secure boot? I’ve been reading horror stories about efi based Windows 8 systems refusing to boot Windows after installing Ubuntu.

    How are you dual booting? Grub? Windows uefi? Legacy mode?

  6. … i tryed many linux distro, but the pen do not work. this is very sad because the vaio duo 11 is amzing… except for the os: win8 is not productive at all. useless.

  7. I have filled a bug report about touchscreen. It is at . Please press the “affects me too” button on bug’s page in order to increase the “heat” and make more people/developers notice it. I can help with more tests or trying fixes. So if you have to propose something to test (e.g. install a newer kernel or X version, apply some patch, tryout some config), please tell me.

  8. Hi,

    Any update on the touchscreen? I don’t understand your statement below. Does touchscreen work out of the box or not?



    Everything seems to work out of the box with 12.10 – WiFi/Graphics/Touchscreen (only after install, didnt work for me on the “Live CD”.

    • I thought it worked fine in the small amount of testing I did, then it errored out.

      You can try the fix posted on the attention link above if you want try that, I haven’t yet.

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